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Want to do masters in data science in Canada?

Data today is the most ubiquitous and essential outcome and no doubt there is a high quantity of data that is being generated every minute in many parts of the World. But this generated data is useless unless the high amounts of resources and knowledge it carries along are tapped for greater use. But it is not as simple as it sounds because when we are talking about huge and large quantities of data then the traditional database extraction tools give us very little hope , so in order to make the most of this pioneer resource, a whole new data extraction, management , visualisation and manipulation technique known Data Analytics or Data Science has come up for good.


Who is Data Scientist?

business schools that don't require gmat - Weightage

The people who do data mining and data analysis are thus known as Data Scientists. Data scientists act as a successful and a much-required bridge between the programming and implementation of Data Science, its theory and the inference of data on the business.
Data scientists for possessing high technical skills are also well compensated. The number of earnings, however, will depend on the years of experience in this field. But the figures and researches indicate that the entry-level workers who have less than 5 years of experience in the field of data analysis are expected to earn around $92,000 annually. And with the years going up to or beyond 10 years in data analysis, that person can take home a huge $109,000-$121,000 per year, while the most experienced and respected pioneers for this field can earn $145,000 a year or even more.

The median salary for data analysts/scientists came out to be $116,840 in the year 2016.
With whopping 20,000 data scientists who are working in this field all over the world are thorough in Mathematics, Statistics as well as in Computer Programming. But most of these data scientists don’t possess any kind of formal training in the field of data science and learn through some form of self or on the job training. But after looking at the current trends and a foreseeable rise in the need for data analysis experts Data Science is surely unfolding as a formal degree. And noticing this a few universities have already come up with MS or Professional Certificates in the field of Data Science/Analytics. Canada, that is counted among the leaders for higher education, has begun its bid to get into the data race.

To get a good idea of the valuable courses provided by the Universities of Canada lets see what they have to offer :



University of Waterloo; Graduate Programs In Data Science :

Although not the only stand-alone Data Science program. You will have the opportunity to specialize in Data Science meanwhile doing either a Masters in Computer Science or Statistics.
The Data Science specialization will involve a common and integrated structure of both Computer Science and Statistics while providing in-depth knowledge in both areas as they are related to the emerging discipline of data science. The programs available are :
Masters of Mathematics, Statistics: Data Science Specialisation
Masters of Mathematics, Computer Science: Data Science Specialisation



University of British Columbia ; Masters Of Data Science :

Developed under the combined expertise of UBC’s Computer Science and Statistics departments, this 10-month accelerated Masters program works to meet the need of the students by providing the technical foundation and practical data concerning real-life experiences so as to give a boost to their careers in Data Science and to prepare them to successfully convert the collected data into knowledge and then communicate their findings to help take effective further actions.

University Of British Columbia; Master of Business Analytics: 

The Master of Business Analytics offered by the UBC Sauder School of Business covers the whole spectrum ranging from data management to data analytics/decision analytics. Through this program, the students are prepared to meet the market’s need
for highly skilled analytical talent while shaping their career in this emerging field.

Saint Mary’s University ; M.Sc. in Computing & Data Analytics :

The 16-month professional Master’s program in Computing & Data Analytics is a mix of two very important concepts of computing and data analytics namely, Software Design, Development & Management and Analytics & Business Intelligence. Through this program, the prestigious university prepares its students for a rewarding career in the emerging industry of data science and analytics.
With partnership from industry leaders like IBM, SAS, Affinio, SimplyCast, LeadSift, REDSpace along with some Government agencies as well. This program offers lucrative business opportunities. To apply for this course the student must possess a 4 year Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or in a related field with a cumulative GPA of 70%.

Simon Fraser University; Masters in Big Data :

By providing deep knowledge in the field of computer science, this program aims at assisting students towards creating new tools that find valuable data from the huge amounts of information that is being generated today. Students get expertise to become successful data architects, scientists, programmers, and chief data officers. The curriculum of this program by Simon Fraser University is developed and
polished with valuable inputs from the industry bigwigs like IBM, SAP, Simba Technologies and Phemi.
The criteria to apply is holding a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Computer Science or a related field with a cumulative CGPA amounting to at least 3.00/4.33 (B) and some programming experience in languages like Java, Python, and C++.

Ryerson University; Masters in Data Science and Analytics

The 1 year MSc program helps the students to develop a deep understanding of the technical and applied knowledge in the field of data science and analytics along with polishing of interdisciplinary skills. The course is created by Ryerson University to promote business and economic development as well as employability.
You can apply for this course if you possess a 4-year Bachelor’s degree in any subject like Engineering, Science, Business or Economics with a minimum of 75% aggregate in the last two years of your Bachelor program.

Canada is one of the best and the most appealing place for the students today, is also home to many top universities in the World, so by getting admission for the Masters program in Data Science & Analytics, the students will surely have a great the chance to learn and work among the sharpest minds in the World.