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Free Tools

   Are you planning to apply for a Master’s Program abroad?

   Here are the 3 major problems which are currently bothering to the applicants,

  1. Several applicants fear that they cannot aim for a top B-School due to their weak profile.
  2. Applying to multiple Schools is time consuming & Expensive
  3. Lack of information about B-schools at one place.

Our free tools are the solution to these problems. The tools are designed to help applicants in terms of evaluating applicant profile, help in selecting relevant school according to their profile and providing the relevant information about a particular school at a single platform

Profile Evaluation

If you are still not sure whether to go for a Master’s programme or not. Then you should take our profile test to understand your profile. The purpose of a profile evaluation is that an expert provides you with feedback about whether you meet the standards requirements for admission to graduate admission programmes in your desired field of study. Our profile evaluation is a comprehensive tool which provides insights into our profile mentioning the strengths, weakness, desired b school and many more.


  • You, Will, know about your strengths.
  • You will know which qualities to highlight in
  • What are your weak points where you have to work on

Profile Evaluation

School Selector

School Selector

If you thought the GMAT was hard, you’re in for a surprise!

Shortlisting schools that match your expectations can be a very long and painstaking process. Our school selector tool will help you to ease your pain. Its algorithm work on few factors such as Career Goals, School Ranking, applicant profile and course structure.  On the basis of your profile, the tool bifurcate the schools into the following sections “Dream”, “Competitive” & “Safe”


  • You’ll understand which schools to target.
  • Less Time Consuming.
  • Upcoming updates of Schools in one click.

University Explorer

Data is going bigger and bigger, there are thousands of schools with hundreds of courses.

Which to select? How to select? Is still a difficult task.

It’s time to rejoice! We bring you the most simplified version of selecting school data.

There are many universities all around the world and each university has various programs. We are here to ease your time and hard work. Rather than visiting multiple sites and searching the recurring data again we provide you with a one-stop destination for all the school’s info. Our school database r works on various filters such as schools which do not require GMAT/GRE, tuition fees, ft rank, average placement etc to give you the most complicated data in a much simpler manner.


  • One platform you will get detail information about each school.
  • Easy to compare one school to another
  • A different filter such as program, GMAT/GRE or Ft ranking which will give you desired results.


School Data Base