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Salary Statistics: What’s the average salary for a graduate career in the Business Finance industry?

Finance Manager is one of the best jobs on offer in America this year, according to BusinessInsider’s rankings based on job satisfaction, number of job openings and median base salary.  Finance graduates could expect to step into an entry-level Finance Manager position with an average annual salary of $73,000. In general, Business Finance-related positions dominate the top 50 best jobs in the U.S. list, with Tax Manager coming in at #19, and Business Analyst and Accounting Manager also making the top 50.

How much can I earn on average with a career in the Business Finance industry?

Because of the technical and specific skills required of Finance professionals, in general, their salaries tend to be higher than in other industries. An average salary for entry-level graduates is $52,400 and an average salary for experienced professionals $73,500, with some occupations making significantly more than this at both levels. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment within the Business and Financial industry is expected to grow 10% by 2026.

What occupation within Business Finance pays the most?

According to average salary statistics taken from, Finance Directors on average pay the most ($73,000) at the graduate level, while experienced Finance Directors can expect to earn $129,000 on average. Accounting Assistants and Bookkeepers seem to have the lowest average salaries ($32,500 at entry-level and $39,500 for experienced professionals) as well as the smallest salary-growth potential across their career.

Average salaries of popular occupations within Business Finance Majors

Occupation Average entry-level salary (0-5 years experience) Average experienced salary (10+ years experience)
Finance Director $73,000 $129,000
Finance Manager $72,000 $99,000
Financial Advisor $52,000 $98,000
Financial Controller $66,000 $87,000
Financial Analyst $57,000 $70,000
Auditor $51,000 $63,000
Credit Analyst $45,000 $54,000
Accounts Payable Manager $43,000 $56,000
Accounting Assistant $33,000 $39,000
Bookkeeper $32,000 $40,000

Do I need to study to work in Business Finance?

business finance salary-courses

In general, working within the Finance industry will require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a field related to Business or Finance. But this is not always the case. According to, only 21% of Buyers hold a university degree with a business finance major. In contrast, 76% of Certified Public Accountants held a business finance degree.

You can see the full breakdown of occupations vs percentage of workers who hold majors below:

Occupation % workers with major
Certified Public Accountant 76%
Staff Accountant 71%
Auditor 69%
Financial/Securities/Investments Analyst 69%
Cost Accountant 67%
Corporate Controller 67%
Accounting Supervisor 64%
Accounting Manager 64%
Financial Controller 62%
Internal Auditor 61%
Accounting Analyst 57%
Accounting Assistant 57%
Full Charge Bookkeeper 56%
Bookkeeper 54%
Credit Analyst 51%
Finance Director 51%
Vice President (VP), Finance 51%
Financial Analyst 50%
Portfolio Manager 49%
Human Resources (HR) Generalist 47%
Accounts Payable Specialist 46%
Financial Advisor 45%
Accounts Payable Manager 42%
Payroll Manager 39%
Finance Manager 39%
Supply Chain Analyst 37%
Payroll Specialist 35%
Payroll Administrator 31%
Supply Chain Manager 31%
Buyer 21%