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Profile Evaluation

How do schools select 200-300 students from 10,000+



B-Schools closely analyse 5 elements of a student’s profile to select a class of 200-300 students from
over 10,000 applications.

Here is the detailed break-down of the weightage of each profile element in your ultimate selection


B Schools are interested to know how you would add value to their institution. Are you someone who would just waver between the class room to the dorm? Your extra-curricular participation is an ideal way to find this out. Pro-Tip : Extra-curriculars is that amazing section which can both differentiate your profile as well as compensate for any profile weakness (viz. Low scores). It all comes down to how you present this section in your application.


A good GPA (8.5 and above on a 10 point scale) and a good UG Rank are definitely profile Assets.Certain countries , like France and Germany, place a stronger emphasis on good academics, hence strong academics should definitely be highlighted in the application. Pro-Tip : Academic scores are objective in nature. Hence to really differentiate your profile you will need to link academics to your strong grasp on a subject.On the other hand, you need not give up hope if you have low academic scores . It can be compensated with your other strengths.

GMAT/GRE Scores:

GMAT/GRE tests are designed to measure a candidate critical thinking and problem solving acumen as well as their ability to communicate ideas. Hence, it is hardly surprising that schools place a whopping 25% weightage on the test scores. Fun-Fact : While GMAT scores are twice as influential as your GPA, only 11% of the test takers are able to bag a 700+ score


Your application has the highest influence on your selection. It consists of your essays,resume,SoP and LOR. Since it is subjective, the evaluation does not give you a score on it. However, you can always check out our services to know how we can improve yourapplication by 200%.

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