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Basic Details

(We need it so that we can send you the results to this profile evaluation)

Basic Details

(Some business schools give preference to women candidates owing to gender imbalance)
(Being from an under-represented community might increase your selection chances)


Top 10
Between 10-25
Between 25-50
Below 50

Ok great, btw what is your college CGPA? (on a 10 scale)

If your grades are in a different format, please convert them into a 10 point scale and input the data. (An estimate would work)

9 and above
8 to 9
7 to 8
Below 7



Are you a global citizen?


Work Experience

Yes, I have internship experience
Yes, I have Full time work experience
No, not yet


More than 2
None yet

Work Experience

3+ years
2-3 years
1-2 years
Less than a year

I have managed more than 3 people under me
I have received a notable award due to work done
I have worked on projects that have led to quantifiable achievement
None as such

Extra-Curricular Activities

I have held a leadership position at a College Club
I have been an active member of the organising committee
I have participated/won various competitions
No, I was working on other stuff


I led/created an event, was able to drive a tangible impact on my surroundings.
I was a participating member of a team
The events I engaged in affected over 500 people

Yes! I am a national level player
Yes! I am a state/district level player
Just as a hobby
No, i'm not involved in Sports

Entrepreneurial Abilities


(Choose as many as you like)
Led a team of people and was able to get significant sales
Was able to make a splash and affect several stakeholders
We tried our best but the company failed

(Choose as many as you like)
I have presented/published a paper
I have received an award/scholarship
I have secured a rank in/won a National level exam/project competition
I have done additional academic certifications (CFA, 6 Sigma etc)
No, I have been involved in other stuff

Degrees of your interest

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